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GROUNDED PRINTSHOP is an interdisciplinary, contemporary print and papermaking shop/ artist residency located in Erie’s Little Italy neighborhood. Grounded lives in an old machine shop warehouse with lots of natural light and character. Outside we have 26 raised bed garden boxes and empty raw making space where nature is working to reclaim itself. Our side lot can be likened to the city we reside in; turning a new leaf, creating something new, while acknowledging its roots. We like to think this is fertile ground begging to be planted. 

Our goal is to provide creative space to explore new ideas and perspectives. The tools we have available do not limit the kinds of work that is happening here but are available to explore! Depending on your medium, we have drawer and cubby space as well as private studios and open unfinished areas to get messy and explore BIG ideas. 

Through creative action we believe we will help contribute to the adaptability and perseverance of not just our immediate community but humanity as a whole.


We are dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy print-shop facility for our staff, users, and visitors. 


+ The production of paper through the use of recycled materials 

+ The use of oil, vinegar, Estisol 242 and Soysolv II as cleaners replacing toxic cleaners and solvents

+ The use of water-based screen printing inks

+ The reuse and remixing of inks

+ A paper recycle box for continuous use with scratch/proofing cover sheets

+ Recycling bins for plastic and aluminum throughout the shop

+ Programming green printmaking classes

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