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If you are interested in carving and printing a block during this event, please register here:

This will be a unique experience for everyone even if you're not carving a block! It is free and open to the public! 

E Dogg's Hot Dogs will be selling food and Erie Ale Works will sell drinks.

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On June 3rd we will be renting a STEAM ROLLER to print large scale wood block carvings! 

We hope you consider carving a block and bringing it to the event to print it with the steam roller! The size limits are 47" x 8'. We recommend carving your image with a 1/4" sheet of MDF. 

May 16th Intro to Carving Workshop

Image 5-2-23 at 1.16 PM.JPG

In this workshop we will go over the basics to help you decide whether carving a larger block is something you'd like to do!

It's $10 and supplies/tools are included 

From 5-8pm

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